Watamu Marine Park and Reserve

Watamu National Park is part of a complex of marine and tidal habitats on Kenya’s north coast stretching from Malindi town to beyond the entrance to Mida creek. It is enclosed by the Malindi Marine National Reserve which also encloses Malindi Marine National Park. Habitats include inter-tidal rock, sand and mud; fringing reefs and coral gardens; beds of sea grass; coral cliffs, platforms and islets; sandy beaches and Mida Creek mangrove forest.

The park was designated as a Biosphere reserve in 1979. Mida creek is a large, almost land-locked expanse of saline water, mangrove and inter-tidal mud. Its extensive forests are gazetted as forest reserves and the extreme western tip of Mida Creek is part of the Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve.

Climatic conditions – Humid with mean annual temperatures ranging from 22-34°C. Rainfall about 500 mm per annum

Major Attractions – Haven of green turtle; unique coral garden; Mida creek

Wildlife – Reptiles/fish: fish, turtles Insects/arthropods: crabs

Access – Roads, access is via tarmac road from Mombasa or Malindi. Air, Mombasa or Malindi Airports.

Accommodation -There is currently no accommodation in the Reserve, a wide range of options exist in nearby Malindi town.

Best time to visit – All year round

Activities – Wind surfing, snorkelling, water skiing, sunbathing, diving

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