Visa Requirements


A passport and visa are required. Visas should be obtained in advance, although airport visas are available. Travelers who opt to obtain an airport visa should expect delays upon arrival. There is a fee for the visa, whether obtained in advance or at the airport. Evidence of yellow fever immunization may be requested. Travelers to Kenya and neighboring African countries should ensure that the validity of their passports is at least six months beyond the end of their intended stay, and that their passport contains sufficient blank pages for visas and immigration stamps.


KENYA – Visas – New Passport requirement

Please be aware that Kenya is now strictly enforcing a similar “blank pages, condition of entry” as South Africa.

Those requiring a visa (including all British citizens) are now advised to have at least two blank pages available in their passport on arrival, failure to meet this requirement could mean that entry will be refused.

We have been in contact with Immigration authorities both at the HQ and at JKIA who have advised as follows:-

i. This is not a “new” regulation. Travellers need to have at least one blank page for the visa and preferably a second blank page for the exit stamp. Visas are usually not affixed on pages containing any other information, hence the need for the blank page.

ii. This practice has been in place all along and it is just being re-emphasized to remind travellers.

iii.It is customary world-wide for travellers to be required to have the space for the visas and the practice is not unique to Kenya.

All visitors arriving without a pre-acquired visa will need to have the two blank pages. Visitors acquiring their visa overseas, the requirement will have been communicated to them at the Embassy.

Where applicable, visa fees are as follows:
Transit Visa = US$20 per person;
Reference Fee: US$10;
Single Entry Visa= US$50 for three months (extendable for a   similar period)
Multiple Journey Visa= US$100