Queen Elizabeth National Park

In 1979, Queen Elizabeth National Park was designated as a biosphere reserve with the furthest objective of harmonizing human activities with the conservation and protection of wild life, wet lands and natural resources. There are eleven fishing village enclaves within the protected area. The ethnic groups virtually attached to this area are; Banyankole Bakiga, and Bakonjyo.

Queen Elizabeth National Park QENP together with Kyambura and kigezi Wild life reserves form one of the most diverse Eco systems in Africa. Here, the melting glacier waters of the Rwenzori Mountains create a vast wetland system comprising for two main lakes George and Edward being channeled by the mighty Kazinga Channel to the remote Ishasha River in the south. This park gathers an extensive diversity of habitats that range from savanna and Wetlands to gallery and lowland forest. elephants in queen elizabeth.This remarkable diversity is reflected in its bird list of over 550 species and that’s why I may not be wrong to name it the birders’ Paradise, the largest of any protected area in Africa. The lake shore lines congregate thousands of hippos as the patent Savannah speckled with Acacia and Euphorbia trees which furnish a dwelling for Elephants, Lions, Leopards, big herds of buffaloes, the Uganda Kob, and many others.

Facts about Q.E.N.P

It covers approximately 2056sq-km2 Kyambura wild life reserve covering about 154sq. km2 and Kigezi wild life reserve covering an area of 256sq. km2. It receives an average maximum temperature of 28deg Celsius and 18 degrees Celsius. The park lies on an altitude range of 910 m at lake Edward to 1845 m above sea level that is at the top of the escarpment of the western rift. It is a habitat for a medium altitude moist semi-deciduous forest, riverine bush land,, moist thicket, riparian forest, open grassland, seasonal and permanent swamps, open woodland, lakes and rivers.This place can be best timed from December – February and the tour can be for at least 2-3 days.

It has recorded about 95mammal species and 606 bird species.

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