Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

This is the smallest national park and it covers an area of 36 sq km and it was established in1991.It is the Ugandan part of the Virunga National park but with rare species.It is in the far south west of Uganda in Kisoro.It may be small but it is argualy considered as the most panoramic park.The park in habited by mostly the Bafumbira who lead a simple life mainly as cultivater batwa who once lived in the place and fed on life are the minority.

The protection of Gorillas in Mgahinga started began in the 1950’sThe gorilla protection later started decreasing not until the 1989 when gorillas began to receive some protection from Gorilla game reserve conservation project along the Uganda side .Mgahinga protect around76 mammals species , including the golden monkeys(a localised and distinctive race of blue monkeys),Black and white colobus monkeys , mountain gorillas, leopards, elephants,giant forests hog, bush pigs, buffalo, bush bucks, black-fronted duiker and several varieties of rodents, bats,and small predators. Bafflingly , only 115 bird species have been recorded probably a reflection of the park’s small size

Access to the families is strictly controlled (and not always permitted) and small groups of visitors are always accompanied by a trained ranger. To keep disturbance to the animals to a minimum there are limits to the number of tourists allowed in at any one time. Here we are in the home of the animals and we must act as the perfect guests. The park can be reached by road through Kabale and Kisoro 510km from Kampala.

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