Kibale Forest National Park

It is located south of Fort portal, at an altitude of about 1,230m above sea level.The forest covers an area of about 760sq km and is divided into seven zone for management purposes,research ,natural reserve, civic-cultural, recreation , harvest, community and protection.

Kibale Forest National park is one of the most gorgeous and marvelous Forest in Uganda . It is the most popular habitat for the closest living relative to man that is ;the endangered Chimpanzee and even the colobus monkeys with the l’hoesti monkey.This park has one of the highest numbers of primate Africa totaling to around 13 spicies with blue monkey,red tailed monkey,black and white colobus monkeys(which is the emblem of Kibale national park ) bush babies, grey cheeked mangabey and pottos.In general,this park puts enphasis on conservation,sustainable utilization and non consuptive use of the forest. Kibale forest national park has got nature trails into the forest have been created and quite apart from the chimps,the walks are won

Tourism activities at Kibale National Park.

Chimpanzee tracking;This is the most popular tourism activity .It is the guided chimp- tracking excursion out of Kanyachu.Kibale Chimpanzee Tour Uganda Primate Safari, habituations experience;here you will expect to experience the chimps de-nesting between 0530hours to 0630hours. You can follow them up in their daily activities up to nesting time between 1830 hours to 1930 hours. There fore a visitor has to be ready to start on this activity from very early in the morning .

Primate walk; This walk starts from Kanyanchu river camp at 0800 hours or 1500hours.It take 2 to 4 hours.

Forest hike; This is a seasonal activity and it is done on 12 kms and strictly restricted to the dry season(mid November – February and June-September).it hight light the diverse habitats of the birds , bush pigs ,duinkers, monkeys and many others .

Children activities; Educational walks to children are in offerings.the place has four ranger guides who educate tourists childer especially under 12 years.The children access the forest and learn about the ecosystems and it’s in habitats.

Bogodi wetland sanctuary and Magombe swamp Walk;This is the best place for birders.It is where guided nature walks along a trail take place with board walks.It has got around 138 bird species including the Great blue turaco, and many number of butterflies.

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