Safaris in Kenya

Kenya is the major safari country in East Africa, and Nairobi the safari capital of the world. Kenya has a system of well-managed nature reserves across the country, where lions, rhinos, elephants and many, many zebras, antelopes and birds can be seen in the wild.  One large nature reserve lies just outside Nairobi and can be visited by taxi from the capital. From Nairobi airport, one can often see giraffes grazing.

Kenya is known for various forms of tourism. From wild safaris in Laikipia, golfing in the Aberdares, dining with the lions in Masai Mara,  mountain climbing in Mount Kenya, white water rafting in Tana River right through scuba diving and sunbathing in the coast. You can get it all  Kenya. It is less well known that Kenya also has beautiful white sand beaches along its more than 500-kilometre coastline, with palm trees, blue seas and resorts with cool Martinis.

Kenya Lies along the great rift valley, cutting accross the country. This beautiful gigantic belt habors dense forests, spansive savannahs, hills and ranges and thousands on flora and fauna hence highly prospective for wildlife and scenic tourism.

Millions of tourists visit Kenya every year. The most visited places are the Masai Mara for wild beast migration, Nairobi and the Coast belt for sunbathing and water sports. Kenya is a fantastic place. You need to enjoy the safaris in Kenya…More Information